Upcoming Workshop Schedule


1/5/21: Free Legal Forum
1/13/21: Funding Your StartUp with Retirement Funds and Other Options
1/19/21: Should I Be An LLC or Nonprofit?
1/20/21: Insider Tips to Hiring Employees, Independent Contractors and Outsourcing
1/21/21: Selecting Your Best Legal Structure
1/28/21: Buy-Sell Process and Agreements including Succession Planning


2/2/21: Free Legal Forum
2/3/21: Legal Contract Fundamentals
2/10/21: Legal Essentials of Advertising and Sales
2/18/21: Funding Your Social Impact
2/24/21: Legal Contract Fundamentals


3/2/21: Free Legal Forum
3/3/21: Employee Handbooks
3/18/21: Top 7 Legal Mistakes with Covid-19 Employment Law and Commercial Real Estates Issues
3/24/21: Asset Protection


4/6/21: Free Legal Forum
4/7/21: Partnership Agreements
4/15/21: Succession Planning


5/4/21: Free Legal Forum
6/1/21: Free Legal Forum
7/6/21: Free Legal Forum
8/3/21: Free Legal Forum
9/7/21: Free Legal Forum
10/5/21: Free Legal Forum
11/2/21: Free Legal Forum
12/7/21: Free Legal Forum

For more information on any of these workshops, email: tishad@dodgelegal.com

Information provided not to be construed as specific legal advice to those who attend these workshops/ training sessions unless training is privately held for one organization.

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