texas-lawyer-for-non-profit-organizationsNon-Profit organizations are unlike any other form of business entity. The legal requirements of operating a Non-Profit can be confusing, even to the most seasoned for-profit business owner. Let us help you achieve Non-Profit status.

To help you navigate the confusing waters of creating and maintaining a Non-Profit, Dodge Legal has put together a variety of packages to take you all the way from analysis to formation of your Non-Profit. Choose the package best suited to your level of need and budget.

Non-Profit Pre-formation Analysis:

We offer one-on-one advice to selecting the specific entity structure, name, and funding options to start you off right on an on-going basis (to work with your own timetable) or on a flat fee consultation to fit your budgetary needs.

Our Non-Profit Formation Texas Package:

This package offers you unlimited legal advice to guide you through the formation process for your Texas Non-Profit corporation. This flat fee package includes your filing with the Texas Secretary of State, a personalized company binder, your Bylaws, Minutes of your First Organizational Meeting, general tax information, personalized steel seal (for embossing your corporate documents valued at $80.00), and other forms for your future use. All fees and costs are included for Texas formation.

Our Non-Profit Reinstatement Unlimited Package:

This is geared towards the established Non-Profit organization that has lost its tax-exempt status and seeks reinstatement with the IRS. It includes unlimited attorney time to coordinate issues with the IRS, a review and update of any necessary legal documents, reconstruction of legal Minutes, and the institution of procedural safeguards to avoid future loss of status. This process is completed within a standard business week or less for immediate submission to the IRS.

Once your Non-Profit organization is established, we also offer training to your board of directors to help ensure that the Non-Profit organization and its members remain in compliance with state and federal laws.

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