Internet Law & Domain Name Disputes

internet-lawYour website is important to marketing your business. One of the first things someone does when they want to find out about your company is check out your website. If someone registers a domain name that causes the public confusion between you and your competitor, it’s called “cybersquatting,” which may violate Internet laws and regulations.

Reasons for cybersquatting include:

  • A competitor putting a up a website to fool your customers into thinking they’re you.
  • A disgruntled worker or customer using the domain name to post negative information about your company.
  • Someone buying the domain using your business name with the hope of reselling it to you.
  • Someone putting up derogatory information about you or your company, forcing you to pay a large amount of money so you can take it down.
In addition to violating Internet laws and regulations, a cybersquatter can damage your company’s branding every time someone visits their site.
Dodge Legal Group has real experience handling this particular form of Internet law. We also offer Domain Name Audit reviews to ensure your business is complying with the law.

Do you have a domain name dispute or think someone is cybersquatting on a domain that should belong to you?

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