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Dodge Legal Group, PC provides legal advice and representation for each phase of your business. Whether you’re just starting out, restructuring, expanding, or need legal advice with your day to day operations, Dodge Legal Group is here for you. We make sure you know your legal rights and obligations at each stage of the life of your business. Our most common legal service areas include:
Start-Up Businesses
texas-start-up-business-lawyerBy starting off your business in the right way, you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind to grow your business. You may also save yourself a lot of headaches down the line. Let us help you with one of the most important decisions you need to make – the legal entity your business takes.
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Asset Protection
texas-series-llc-asset-protectionAs a business owner, you face potential liabilities the general public doesn’t. The wrong accident at the wrong time could not only cripple your business, but wipe out your personal assets as well. Luckily there is a form of asset protection that can help protect your personal assets from your business liabilities.
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Employment Law
texas-employment-lawyerYour employees can be one of your company’s biggest assets, but if you don’t have the right agreements in place or follow the law they can become a liability.
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Commercial Law
Many of our clients consider us their legal manager for insurance and legal business issues. Dodge Legal gives you the quality of services you would receive from a full time general counsel, but on a part time basis and at a fraction of the cost. We make sure you know your legal rights and responsibilities in regard to your suppliers, creditors, vendors, customers, and others with a business relationship to you.
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Nonprofit organizations are unlike any other form of business entity. The legal requirements of operating a nonprofit can be confusing, even to the most seasoned for-profit business owner. Let us guide you through the rules and regulations of the nonprofit world.
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Domain Name Disputes

Internet Law & Cybersquatting:

Your website is important to marketing your business. One of the first things someone does when they want to find out about your company is check out your website. If someone registers a domain name to confuse the public between your company and your competitor, it’s called “cybersquatting,” which may violate Internet laws and regulations.
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