Do-It-Yourself Is a Big Don’t for ProFlowers

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day and one momma was unhappy with her gift from Proflowers. Her son sued and the case turned on the website terms and conditions.

Note: No, you haven’t traveled through time and ended up on Earth Day. This 2-minute tip is being reposted from last spring at the request of some of our clients. As such, the sale mentioned in the video expired last spring. However, you can still get the 10 Legal Essentials for Your Retail E-Commerce Website – Checklist + Video for only $37.00 by clicking the button below the video.

Do you know the difference between a Browse-Wrap and a Click-Through when it comes to customers agreeing to the terms and conditions on your e-commerce website? You may think it only has to do with how the checkout page is arranged, but there’s another big difference to consider – one of them is legally binding and the other isn’t. Find out which is which in this week’s two-minute tip.

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