organizing-your-business1Snowy white frost is all over my freezer, making my frozen foods an icy mystery. I sigh as I dig out my directions on how to speed clean your freezer in 20 minutes (yes, it can be done) and get to work and ask myself how I could let it go for so long.

organizing-your-business2I’m always amazed by the forgotten treasures I find when I delve into the neglected regions of my freezer. I feel a bit like Roald Amundsen exploring the South Pole. On my journey of discovery I find: half a loaf of homemade banana bread–Fabulous! Blackened whole banana still in the peel saved for future baking–Not so fabulous. My mind whirls as I try to figure out what to create from these forgotten frozen foods while still keeping my eye on the rapidly melting ice.

Since I’m in the cleaning mood I decide I’m finally going to toss all the expired salad dressings (pun intended) in my refrigerator that have been bugging me for months.

Everyone’s Getting Spring Cleaning Fever

organizing-your-business3I’m not the only one in the spring cleaning mood: Women’s Table Talk hosted “Time for Spring Cleaning for Your Home and Your Business.” We got some great handouts full of good information. Click here to download the information on spring cleaning your business, your technology, your finances, and more. These three checklists are thought provoking even for the seasoned business owner and the super organized home maker.

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