A Powerful New Tradition for Your Family

The holiday season is a time for traditions and those special “family recipes” that show up at the dinner table with your relatives and friends. Any other time of year, we might try a new recipe after watching a cooking demonstration on TV, or from the web, or from a cookbook bought in the store. But during the holidays there’s no substitution for dishes made using your great grandmother’s recipe for cornbread dressing or Christmas tamales or Chinese jook soup. These special family recipes were passed down as the well-worn, handwritten index cards. Somewhere along the years, maybe your aunt typed it up and copied it. Then a family member scanned it and emailed it to everyone. And, maybe your foodie cousin, you know the one, added a color picture taken from her phone when she re-created the dish last year. Regardless of the format, the recipe basically the same as it’s passed with care and trust to the next generation.

The Durable Power of Attorney is kind of like your family recipe. A Durable Power of Attorney (“POA”) allows the signer to delegate to his/her agent, as someone they trust, certain or all financial powers without the need for court intervention or the probate of a will. It is a written document that gives another person the power to conduct the signer’s business, like signing papers, processing checks, handling bank accounts, and whatever other activities listed in the document. Most often times, the agent is a family member who is entrusted with this responsibility.

Did you know that the POA form changed in 2014 and some financial institutions will not accept the “old” form? It’s just like walking in with great grandma’s handwritten index cards from the 1930’s; while the content is timeless, the format seems out of place in a world of color laser printed materials and some banks will not accept the old form. Some banks actually require you to update your POA every 2-3 years.

2014 durable power of attorneyThis year I’d like to offer you a different kind of recipe – one that will make the future easier for you and your loved ones. It’s a legal document that will save you time, energy, and frustration at a point in your life when you need it the most. I’m talking about a Durable Power of Attorney.

The 2014 Durable Power of Attorney form is VERY different and Texas lawyers have complained about the legal problems the form creates if it’s not filled in correctly. Lawyers also complain the statutory version requires you to have two doctors declare you incapacitated (and imagine that when it’s hard enough to get one doctor’s appointment these days!) Our SOUPED UP POA version shows you exactly how to fill it in correctly AND we provide you with the additional language to correct the two-doctor problem.

A Special Holiday Offer For You

2014 durable power of attorneyNormally there would be a charge for each person to receive this popular legal document, but for a limited time (and exclusively for my readers) I’m making it available for you to download and use as many times as you need for your family – all for a flat $50 fee. This also includes an instructional video to help you to complete your Durable Power of Attorney correctly.

It’s important for you to create this document before you need it, and while you may not think it, the holidays are the perfect time to add creating your family’s Durable Powers of Attorney to your annual traditions. Creating these documents while everyone is gathered together helps eliminate confusion down the line, and ensures the person you trust to carry our your wishes has the ability to do so when they need it the most.

This promotion has expired.  If you still need a Durable Power of Attorney, please contact us.

This link will take you to our sister site: StartUpGreaterGood.com. Please note that this POA is for Texas. Each state has it’s own version of this form.

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