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2-Minute Tip: Blog Law

Avoiding Lawsuits Over Your Blog Content Did you know that if you have a blog every post you create is subject to over 389 different laws? Before you let it freak you out and decide you’ll never blog again. Watch this two minute video tip on Blog Law. Tisha breaks all...

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2-Minute Tip: Who Else Had An Emoji Used Against Them?

Emojis (those little non-alphabet symbols) are a part of our everyday language. We used them in texts, emails, and social media posts. Because we use them so often they’ve also started to crop up as evidence in our courtrooms. In this week’s two-minute tip, find out...

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2-Minute Tip: College Entrepreneurs and Gas

The most common question at college career fair was: What legal structure should a college graduate have for his/her new business? Discover Tisha's surprising response in this week’s two-minute tip. She also provides you with a valuable analogy every business owner...

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2-Minute Tip: Attorney Client Privilege

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “attorney client privilege” and the fact that it means communications between you and your attorney are confidential. Your lawyer is forbidden to break attorney client privilege, but you could unintentionally break it and...

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2-Minute Tip: Why Lawyers Are So Expensive

You work hard for your money. Is it worth the price to have your legal situation reviewed by a lawyer? Have you ever asked your lawyer: “Can you just skim this document and tell me if it’s okay to sign?” In this week’s two-minute tip, Tisha explains the effect of...

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2-Minute Tip: A Post 4th of July Message

This week’s post isn’t so much a tip for your business, as it is a message to everyone about how awesome our country is. Over the 4th of July I had the chance to do something very special for some new U.S. citizens. It really made me appreciate the opportunities and...

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2-Minute Tip: Which is Best: LLC or S Corp?

What's the best way to structure your business? Selecting an LLC? Deciding on an S Corp? Confused? Maybe the choices are easier than you think! Get a better understanding of it all, including some guidance on how to decide which tax structure is right for you, in this...

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2-Minute Tip: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Your business is growing and it’s time for you to take it to the next level with a storefront, better office space, or more employees. You know you need to take this step, but you’re not sure how to support it financially. In this week’s 2-minute tip, Tisha discusses...

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