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Save Your Money by Being on the Lookout for This Lemon!

Don't Pay for Something You Don't Need! Recently I was going to try out a new recipe that called for 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. It’s been a long time since I bought lemon juice, but I’m pretty sure they still don’t sell it by the teaspoon. So this left me with two...

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What Dining Aldesco Means For Your Business

Now Getting a Bite Eat Means Getting a Byte to Eat Once upon a time taking your lunch break on a work day meant getting together with some friends or coworkers. You would go to a nearby restaurant and chat over a meal away from the office. If you didn’t feel like...

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What’s More Important: The Product or the Package?

In Some Cases the Box is More Valuable Than What's Inside It.   A staple of Valentine’s Day is a heart-shaped box of chocolates complete with a red ribbon. Your Valentine feels special when untying the ribbon, lifting the lid, and inhaling the aroma of chocolates...

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PB and J with a Side of Tax Deductions

What Tax Deductions Have to do with Your PB and J?   I've just returned from out of town and my refrigerator looks "empty." It's got a door full of condiments and a random assortment of possibly (probably) expired salad dressings that I don't really ever use...

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What’s Your New Year’s Good Luck Tradition?

We have our traditions of starting off the New Year with eating lucky foods. At midnight, we follow the Mexican/Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes, one for each month of the New Year. During the New Year's holiday, we also have Japanese nishime (stew of chicken,...

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Are You Purchasing an Asset or an Overpriced Snack?

The Right Trademark Is Worth More Than a $5000 Twinkie One of the most interesting stories of the past couple months is the way the public reacted to Hostess entering into bankruptcy. Once it was announced that Hostess would be closing its doors people began...

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Why Your Lawyer is the Mikey of Legal Apps

I'm Proud to Have My Peers Call Me Mikey You remember Mikey eating Life cereal, right? In this iconic 1970’s commercial (the one of the longest continuously running commercial campaigns of over 12 years), three brothers are eating breakfast. The older two...

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Holiday Cheers Without Legal Fears

Do Your Best To Keep Legal Troubles Off the Menu At Your Business Holiday Gatherings This time of year means holiday parties. Your business-sponsored holiday parties can bring you and your business colleagues together and boost morale for your workers. Unfortunately,...

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Why Your Trademark’s Sound is as Important as Its Looks

Beauty May Be in the Eye of the Beholder, But Your Trademark Could Be in the Ear of the Listener Many of us will be eating pecans one way or another tomorrow. It seems to be a staple of our Thanksgiving holiday—pecan pie, candied pecans, pecans mixed in sweet potato...

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