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What Do You Tip For a Kidney?

You may know how to tip for service, but how much do you tip for a kidney? Do you remember the Starbucks barista who donated a kidney to her customer? When I heard the story I remember asking myself, “Exactly what kind of tip do you leave for a donated organ?” As an...

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How Entrepreneurs are Like Star Trek Captains

Your Ongoing Mission. . . Establishing your new business is serious stuff. But you probably got into it because you’re following your passion –the things you love to do. So, even though the stakes are high, itit doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while creating the...

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How To Pick a Good (and Legal) Business Name

When you start a new business one of the first things you need to do is come up with a name for it. When you decided to go into business you were probably focusing on operations: your products, services, funding, how to get sales, etc. Once you’ve figured out what...

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Peep Art: Pop Culture or Product Liability

The finalists and winners of the 2014 Peeps Diorama contest were announced last week. This year’s winner commemorates the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s iconic I Have a Dream speech. According to the judges, the greyscale entry recreating the black and white...

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Picking Your Business Structure is Easier Than You Think

What kind of business structure is the best choice for your new business? Sole Proprietorship? LLC? There are a lot of options, and at first it may seem a little scary since your structure will lay the groundwork for how your business will operate. But it’s really not...

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If You Can’t Tell If It’s a Parody . . . It’s Not

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know you don’t know it . . . that’s when you wish you would have known better. Have you ever considered using parody to poke fun at your competition with a comedic version of their ads? Has anyone ever created a “rip off”...

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Some Things Don’t Mix – Like Food Courts and Diamonds

One man should have stayed away from Belgium and gotten his waffles at IHOP instead. I recently discovered, while eating at a food court with a friend (and kiddos) that French fries were not originated in France. They were created in Belgium! I should have realized...

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Dining Aldesco: Break time or Overtime

Now Getting a Bite Eat Means Getting a Byte to Eat Once upon a time taking your lunch break on a work day meant getting together with some friends or coworkers. You would go to a nearby restaurant and chat over a meal away from the office. If you didn’t feel like...

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Finding Answers to the FAQs of Growing Businesses

A wealth of knowledge can be found hidden in the trunk of the Nacho Car. While having lunch on the patio at Chuy’s with one of my favorite people, one who just happens to own an LLC started a few years ago, she asks me a question I hear quite a bit, “How much can I...

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