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2-Minute Tip: Did You Pick the Right Legal Entity?

Deciding which legal entity to pick for your business can be confusing. Once you’ve made your decision, how do you know it’s the right one? In this week’s two-minute tip, Tisha breaks it down for you so you can move forward in your business. [button...

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2-Minute Tip: Should You Be an LLC or a 501(c)(3)?

The answer to this question may be neither an LLC or a 501(c)(3). In this week’s two-minute tip Tisha breaks it down for you and gives you another possible alternative for your business structure. And join us for a deep dive answer to this question on May 10th:...

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2-Minute Tip: How Severance Agreements Are Like Baseball

In honor of Major League Baseball’s starting day it seemed like a good time to remind you how severance agreements are like baseball. Do you understand how severance agreements work in the law? Are you sure? A properly drafted severance agreement doesn’t stop an...

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2-Minute Tip: What to Keep and When to Shred

Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Shred ‘Em This is the time of year most of us are packing away last year’s records to make room for this year. As a business owner you’re required by law to keep certain records. If you kept them all forever, you’d eventually need...

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2-Minute Tip: Who Else Had An Emoji Used Against Them?

Emojis (those little non-alphabet symbols) are a part of our everyday language. We used them in texts, emails, and social media posts. Because we use them so often they’ve also started to crop up as evidence in our courtrooms. In this week’s two-minute tip, find out...

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2-Minute Tip: Happy Chinese New Year

This is the Year of the Pig or Boar, a year for businesses to think big and abundantly. The challenge for this year will be to think big, but maintain clarity and intention. The good news is clarity and intentions are by-products of our Lunar New Year gift to you....

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2-Minute Tip: The Biggest Myth About LOIs and MOUs

What exactly is a LOI (Letter of Intent) and MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)? Both are preliminary agreements to create a joint venture or partnership, when you need something more than a handshake. The biggest myth about LOIs and MOU can make or break your...

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