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about-tisha-dodge-2018In the complex world we live in, legal issues are confusing enough to the average person. As a business owner, the complexity of your legal issues is compounded by business laws and regulations the general public doesn’t usually worry about. As a business owner, you need to comply with your local, state, and federal authorities. You need to ensure your online presence doesn’t break Internet laws and regulations. You need to make legally binding agreements for vendors, customers, and employees. And the list goes on.

At Dodge Legal Group, P.C. we provide legal services to business owners like you, empowering you with legal knowledge. When you are educated about the law, you have the ability to make sound legal decisions. Our practice areas include: business law, employment law, intellectual property, and Internet law known as cybersquatting (domain name disputes).

While our offices are in Dallas and Fort Worth, Dodge Legal Group has clients throughout the state of Texas.
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Unlike most law firms, Dodge Legal Group, PC was developed after completing educational training at a small business development center. Like any other business owner, Tisha Dodge, the law firm’s founder, saw the need to educate herself to be more than a lawyer. She saw the need to be a good entrepreneur by taking business classes and writing a business plan. Because of this training Tisha is able to assist you with legal advice as a lawyer, and with practical advice as a fellow entrepreneur.

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