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Business & Employment Law

Commercial Law

Many of our clients consider us their legal manager for insurance and legal business issues. Dodge Legal gives you the quality of services you would receive from a full time general counsel, but on a part time basis at a fraction of the cost. We make sure you know your legal rights and responsibilities in regard to your suppliers, creditors, vendors, customers, and others with a business relationship to you.

By seeking our services before legal issues arise, you can avoid:
  • commercial-lawyer-texasUnnecessary legal fees
  • Court costs
  • Time away from your business
  • Countless hours of stress
We assist you in drafting and reviewing:
  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Agreements
  • Invoices

In the event you become involved in a legal dispute, we offer legal representation in the dispute, collection services, and “cease and desist” letters to stop others from impeding on your rights. We also provide you with legal representation in small claims, state, and federal courts at the trial and appellate levels.

Contact Us to find out about using Dodge Legal Group for your Commercial Law needs.