Commercial Law

commercial-lawyer-texasMany of our clients consider us their legal manager for insurance and legal business issues. Dodge Legal gives you the quality of services you would receive from a full time general counsel, but on a part time basis at a fraction of the cost. We make sure you know your legal rights and responsibilities in regard to your suppliers, creditors, vendors, customers, and others with a business relationship to you.

By seeking our services before legal issues arise, you can avoid:
  • Unnecessary legal fees
  • Court costs
  • Time away from your business
  • Countless hours of stress
We assist you in drafting and reviewing:
  • Contracts
  • Leases
  • Agreements
  • Invoices

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Upcoming Workshops

6/20/17: Dish with Tish
7/18/17: Dish with Tish
8/1/17: Free Legal Forum
8/15/17: Dish with Tish
9/5/17: Free Legal Forum
9/19/17: Dish with Tish
10/3/17: Free Legal Forum
10/17/17: Dish with Tish
11/7/17: Free Legal Forum
11/14/17: Business Principles
11/21/17: Dish with Tish
12/5/17: Free Legal Forum
12/19/17: Dish with Tish
1/13/18: Business Law 101

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