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Why Your Trademark’s Sound is as Important as Its Looks

Beauty May Be in the Eye of the Beholder, But Your Trademark Could Be in the Ear of the Listener Many of us will be eating pecans one way or another tomorrow. It seems to be a staple of our Thanksgiving holiday—pecan pie, candied pecans, pecans mixed in sweet potato...

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Can You Deduct Your Turkey Day Travel Expenses?

Business Deduction or Personal Expense? I’m looking forward to one of my favorite holidays—Thanksgiving, a day of seemingly endless eating and self-induced “food coma” naps. From my Southern mom-in-law’s homemade cornbread stuffing to my best friend’s family recipe...

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Why LegalZoom is Like a Tomato?

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? And what does it have to do with LegalZoom? As summer has drawn to a close so has the tomato season. At a recent cookout someone asked the question: “Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?” One of our guests smugly declares a tomato is...

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How Halloween Candy Could Affect Your Commercial Lease

Just in time for Halloween: The terrifying tale of how a business owner’s rights were determined by things like Halloween candy and canned tuna. An important option in your commercial lease is the “exclusive use” provision. This provision is an agreement by the...

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How to Get an EIN for FREE in Only 5 Minutes

Every business should have an EIN (IRS Employer Identification Number). If you have a corporation or LLC, it should have its own EIN for tax purposes. If you’re a sole proprietor, using an EIN means you won’t have to provide your social security number on W-9 forms....

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Why and How To Do a Texas Series LLC

Many business owners initially start as sole proprietors because it’s the easiest way for you to start a business.  All you have to do is file an assumed name (DBA) and you’re done.  If you started your business without registering with the State as some type of...

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