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Business & Employment Law

2-Minute Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Pay for a Registered Agent

In all 50 states LLC’s and corporations are required to have a registered agent. Why is it a legal requirement that your business have a...

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2-Minute Tip: Building Your Business Credit

Do you know how much your business credit depends on your personal credit? Do you have a banker you can discuss it with? In the age of...

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2-Minute Tip: Which is Best: LLC or S Corp?

What’s the best way to structure your business? Selecting an LLC? Deciding on an S Corp? Confused? Maybe the choices are easier than...

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2-Minute Tip: Why Lawyers Are So Expensive

You work hard for your money. Is it worth the price to have your legal situation reviewed by a lawyer? Have you ever asked your lawyer:...

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2-Minute Tip: Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat?

I found this stack of jeans that no longer fit. Do these jeans make me look fat? Absolutely. The last time they fit with any level of...

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